Lack of Sleep and Driving

It’s true that driving while drunk is inexcusable, it is an offence and will undoubtedly will be one that causes serious accidents while driving. Driving when mentally and physically tired can cause the same disastrous results.

We all have those occasional very late nights, some may have these more often than others. The effects of sleep deprivation can be wide ranging, for a start your concentration will be undermined. This can be likened to sitting an exam on only a couple of hours sleep the night before- it’s just not a good idea. Your reaction times will lengthen, it will take you longer to react to a potentially dangerous situation which could be fatal.

Your body will quite happily tell you when it is tired, it will send signals when it’s too exhausted to drive. You will find that you yawn a lot more, there will be a lack of attention and focus on anything, maybe your eyes will start to feel sore. If you start to feel any of these things  it could be a good time to stop the car for a rest before continuing your journey. Many drivers on those long journey’s often stop in a safe place and take that all important power nap. That half an hour could be all that you need to ensure that you get to your destination safely.

If you have not yet begun your journey, stop and think about how important it is that you make it. If it is essential, your daily trip into work for example, it might be worth considering your options. Are you able to take an alternative mode of transport such as the bus or train? That way you will get into work without having to risk an accident.

But Want Driving Lessons will always advise a good night’s sleep beforehand!

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