Planning your journey online

Got a big driving trip coming up? The chances are that whoever is driving will use an online route planner before you set off. These are great ways to make sure that you are indeed taking the best route to your destination and they are free to use! Here are some of the best online journey planners:

Yahoo Maps: Yahoo Maps does two jobs. It is a map as well as a route planner. You can look up your destination in a general map format. It then allows you to set your current location and will give you directions should you wish. One of the most well known and well used of the free online route planners.

Via Michelin: This website is road friendly, for example it gives you the option of choosing whether you want to make your journey by car, motorcycle, bike or even walking. You can tell it whether your journey is a sightseeing one or an economical one. You can choose a route that will avoid toll booths or border crossing.

AA Route Planner:  Well laid out, the AA Route Planner is easy to use. There is a simple ‘From’ and ‘To’ section in which you type in your location and destination. It also incorporates traffic news as well as details on hotels and B&B’s. The AA Route Planner is a good all round journey planner.

Google Maps: Like Yahoo maps this website also has a dual purpose. It works as a map as well as a directions finder. The layout is large and clear, much like Google’s homepage, you literally have the option to travel anywhere. Just tell Google maps where you want to go and how you want to get there. It will even tell you the best way to get to Norway by walking!

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