Getting good driving posture

Did you know that poor posture when driving can contribute to long term painful back problems? Even if you only spend up to ten minutes in your car daily, sitting in the wrong position for any period of time soon builds up causing these problems. 

But how does one know that they are sitting in the wrong position to begin with? One of the best ways you can find out is by speaking to your driving instructor. They are qualified enough to know the best and most comfortable way to sit when driving. And if they thing you are hunched over the steering wheel for example.

Do you feel those aches and pains after even a short drive? It could be down to bad driving posture. Research shows that adopting a range of different and comfortable postures as you drive is the answer. Sitting in one position for too long is also not a good practice.

Also take a look at your car seat. Does it feel comfortable when you are driving? Is there adequate enough height so that you can see over the dashboard? Do you find that you have to twist uncomfortably just look at your rear view mirror? Also are the pedals easily accessible when you are driving? For example you don’t have to over stretch to push the gas, clutch and brake pedals down.

If you find that you have to do these things in order to drive then there could be questionable seating in your car. It is important that it is adjusted to your own build, smaller people for example may need their car seat to be lifted to ensure a better drive. If you are worried that the seating in your car is not right for you, you should contact a mechanic who will be able to adjust the seating for you.

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