Driving into the city on the 17th April

Drivers planning on travelling into London on the 17th of April are pre warned- the funeral of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher will be taking place.

During the very early hours this morning there was a rehearsal of the funeral. Up to 700 serving Armed Forces personnel gathered in central London to practice for the main event. They along with the horse drawn gun carriage (as is expected to be used at Wednesday’s funeral) traveled from St Clement Danes to the church of the Royal Air Force and then down the Strand to St Paul’s Cathedral.

The route that the funeral procession will take on Wednesday

The rehearsal was not unusual and is often the case with large scale events such as this one. It aims to help with the many aspects of planning involved in organizing such an event. First and foremost it gave the troops a chance to familiarize themselves with the route and their duties during the funeral procession.

The rehearsal also gave the funeral organizers an idea on how the event will affect Londoners. For a start a large section around and alongside the river Thames will be cordoned off, the main procession route as well as along the surrounding area’s.

It might be best to avoid the city on Wednesday but if you have to make that journey here are a few hints on how you can have a stress free day:

Have your alternative route planned well in advance. Allow plenty of time for your journey, double if not more if you can. There is the possibility of protesters along the route. Over the past week there’s been disruptions all over the country. This will most likely be the case in London on Wednesday. Rioting and protests are something that will inevitably add to your journey time.





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