Power Steering: A good idea?

What is ‘Power steering’? 

Whether you are a driver or not, most will know that steering is what gets your car to go in the direction you wish it to. Turn the steering wheel right and that is the direction in which you will go in. This is one of the most important aspects to driving.

Having complete control of your steering will mean the difference between a safe drive and a potentially fatal one.

By the time it comes to taking the practical driving test, most of you will know exactly how many turns of the steering wheel you will need to make in order to do a turn in the road or a reverse park. Often manual steering requires a huge effort to be made quickly in a short space of time- often to avoid an accident. The more experienced manual car drivers may find that several turns of the steering wheel would be needed in order for a simple turn onto a side road. Depending on the physical strength of the driver this can sometimes be a little tedious and uncomfortable to do. This is where power steering can help!

The advantages of power steering: 

Plainly put power steering was invented to help drivers steer their vehicles with ease. It does this by it’s use of hydraulic or electric actuators set within the structure of the steering column and car. These complex mechanisms bring a controlled energy to the steering action itself. This means that you will not have to struggle with manual steering in order to get the car to perform. A simple 90 degree movement of an automatically powered steering wheel can make all the difference.

With power steering a minimum effort is needed regardless of what the road conditions may be. Driver’s who prefer power steering often find that it is particularly useful when a vehicle has stopped or is moving slowly. They will tell you that there is a little more control. When starting off there is no ‘manic’ turning of the wheel, instead it is a easy gliding from a stationary position to driving. Another advantage of power steering is this: Because the link between the steering and the wheels is so tight you will be able to get a real feel for the road conditions as you drive. This is what some have described as a “rοad feel”. Something that is not always apparent with manual steering.

The power steering mechanism has a direct link to the part of the car that actually ‘steers’ the wheels. You will also find that if there does happen to be a mechanical failure then the manual steering system of a car kicks in as a sort of ‘Plan B’. On a safety level this is quite a useful advantage and will ensure that you keep control of your car regardless of what happens.

Want to try power steering for yourself? Get in touch with Want Driving Lessons and ask us about taking an automatic car for a trial run!

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